Park(ing) Day is a worldwide event that encourages city residents to transform metered parking spaces into mini parks for the day to draw awareness to the need for more urban open space.

Raleigh’s Park(ing) day will be held as a part of SPARKcon, the Triangle’s creative festival, held in downtown Raleigh September 15-18.  

In support of the annual PARK(ing) DAY, greenSPARK is calling for designers to transform parking spaces along Fayetteville Street into mini-parks or “SPARKparks”.


The Downtown Living Advocates will transform two parking spaces along Fayetteville Street into urban open space during the festival.  Our theme will be education and awareness of the amount of land currently used as surface parking and how these surface lots can have multiple uses.  We will transform the spaces into a map of downtown indicating the land used as surface lots with bright colored paint.  The map will be an interactive small scaled version of downtown and be used to facilitate discussion about what amenities are needed downtown, (i.e. grocery store, movie theatre, multi-use play field, library, etc.)

If you are interested in volunteering for Park(ing) Day to help construct or participate during the festival weekend, please contact Kimberly Siran at