Link Peace Street

Connect Our Neighborhoods

Link Peace Street advocates for strengthening our connections to nearby neighborhoods by improving the urban landscape and removing barriers. Capital Boulevard has been an obstacle to navigate on foot and today creates a divide within the center of our city that only vehicles can traverse. The result is a people unfriendly environment along the immediate area on Peace Street.

The nearby neighborhoods and buildings, including residential, commercial, and retail properties, are constrained by the highway-like nature of Capital Boulevard. The Capital Boulevard Corridor Study document suggests improvements to the driving experience, detailed under the “Happy Motoring” section, and supporters of Link Peace Street are concerned that these improvements will increase speed and vehicle counts. If implemented in its current form, the Capital Boulevard study would further solidify that barrier to people friendly movement.

One of the goals of Link Peace Street is to create the environment where residents can walk, bike, ride, or drive safely to points along Peace Street and Capital Boulevard. To create this environment, public investments must be done in a way to spur the private investments that will support this goal in the correct form. Supporters of this project strongly feel that an at-grade intersection at Capital Boulevard and Peace Street is a start towards that vision of balance and hope to see it studied by planners.

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Link Peace Street is for walkable communities in Downtown Raleigh.