Development Beat: Renovation Roundup

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Friday, April 22, 2016

The largest renovation permits from last week were an office building and something at EM Johnson Water Plant that we already talked about on Monday. So we’ll just try and skip around to the most interesting renovations, instead of simply the largest ones.

First up is some renovation work for Pendo at the Dr. Pepper Warehouse. We originally mentioned that the permits for this mentioned bar/tavern work, but that was a filing error on the permit. Empire Properties, which owns the space, reached out to let us know. We apologize for the error.

The old Dr Pepper Warehouse in downtown Raleigh

James Borden / Raleigh Public Record

The old Dr Pepper Warehouse in downtown Raleigh

The building is owned by Empire Properties and the construction work is being done by, no surprise, Empire Hard Hat. We reached out to see if we could get any more details on this project, but Empire is notoriously tight-lipped.

It appears that prolific Mattress Firm builder and developer PHDevelopment will be adding a McAllister’s Deli to their latest Mattress Firm/Vitamin Shopper supercenter at 5501 Capital Boulevard. AMS Contractors will be handling the $250,000 fit-out of the 3,600 square-foot space.

Speaking of restaurants, Pho Vietnam will be opening a new location on the ground floor of the 2811 Hillsborough apartment building. The Stanhope gets IHOP and some weird make-your-own pizza joint, and 2811 gets a Pho restaurant. 2811 has a fraction of the apartments Stanhope does, but at least it’s winning the restaurant game.

Pho Vietnam. Note, if you were standing where this picture was taken from, Zaxby's is directly to this building's right.

James Borden

Pho Vietnam. Note, if you were standing where this picture was taken from, Zaxby’s is directly to this building’s right.

The Knight’s Inn at 3804 New Bern Avenue received permits last week for the installation of a set of new automatic doors for the entryway. I’ve driven by the Knight’s Inn. In fact, I used to live close by. I’ll say this: it needs a lot more than new doors. If they want my advice, they should expand and have a Medieval Times built next door or on the adjoining lot. People could come out, get tanked on grog at the Times and crash at the Inn. It’s perfect.

This looks like the kind of place Brienne of Tarth might stay to be honest.

James Borden

This looks like the kind of place Brienne of Tarth might stay to be honest.

The demolition at Thomas Concrete we discussed Tuesday wasn’t the only meta-construction project to receive permits last week, as Sunrock Concrete is apparently getting $100,000 worth of work done at their facility at 8620 Barefoot Industrial Drive. Focus Design Builders will be handling this project.

Some expansion work is taking place at the Crabtree Valley Mall; the permits were pretty vague, and typically anyone involved with mall renovation projects doesn’t want to share details with nosy reporters. So in the interest of journalism and the opportunity to gaze longingly at the World’s Largest Gummy Bear through the windows of Popalop’s, I decided to head out to the mall and investigate.

All I knew was this: Neal Contracting had been issued three permits. Two were for $10,000 and described simply as “alterations to shell.” The third, for $8,000, was described as “alteration to shell/corridor.”

After a complete lap around the first and second floor of the mall earlier this week, this is what I know now: 1) There are an awful lot of people at the mall at 11 a.m. on a weekday. Sad! 2) The construction work for this job has either not yet begun, or was taking place in one of the many corridors closed to the general public.

A popular, high-end mall is not an ideal place to play fast and loose with the State’s trespass laws, so I had to leave the mall empty-handed, my mission a complete failure. Although the empty-handed part took a lot of self-control considering I found out, care of The Sharper Image, that these exist:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.33.10 AM