Advisory Board

The Record’s Advisory Board members are asked to provide input to help expand our news coverage and quality as well as advise on longer-term strategic growth. We typically do this via email each month. This might involve providing story ideas, neighborhood connections, contact names for grants and funders, feedback on drafts of grants, reports, presentations and marketing materials, or other information that the Record might find useful.

Advisory Board members also serve as ambassadors for the Record helping to spread the word to Raleigh residents about the Record, its mission and its events.

Members are invited to attend two 90-minute meetings per year (roughly February and August) and while attendance is encouraged, it is not required. If you would like to join the Advisory Board, contact Jennifer Suarez at jwig [at]

Advisory Board Members

  • Melissa Breau
  • Stacy Bromley Cheetham
  • Gene Davis
  • Bobo Esoptimo
  • Laura Fiorilli-Crews
  • Stephanie Fussell
  • Jedidiah Gant
  • Margaret Lillard
  • Scott McKaig
  • Mital Patel
  • Terrance Ruth
  • Yancy Strickland
  • Jen Wike