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Organization Summary
Raleigh Public Record is dedicated to local watchdog journalism in Raleigh. Our focus is relentlessly local, and so are our readers. We believe that local journalism is important to building a vibrant healthy community.

The Raleigh Public Record is a nonprofit news organization that reports and documents news about Raleigh, N.C., and Wake County. We serve as a leading online source for important civic news that keeps readers informed about issues that impact the capital city and surrounding communities. The organization is committed to developing new research methods that improve data collection and better enable the next generation of active journalism.

How Your Support Helps
Your support of nonprofit local news helps our fearless journalists probe community affairs to address city and county public activity that might not otherwise see the light of day. The Raleigh Public Record is committed to in-depth journalism to uncover local stories that impact our community. Raleigh Public Record is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization.

January-March 2016 Averages:

  • 42,000 page views/mo.
  • 37,411 unique visitors/mo.
  • 2:23 average time spent on site

Coverage & Channels: (with brief summary description of each)

    • News: General-interest stories about Raleigh and Wake County you won’t read elsewhere.
    • City Council: The inside scoop on all things happening in Raleigh City Council chambers.
    • Development: The inside scoop on permitting and other interesting community development.
    • Photo essays: Powerful photojournalism about all-things Raleigh.

Audience Readership

  • Geography: (Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Charlotte)
  • Gender: M: 61%; Female: 39%
  • Children in Household: No kids: 56% Kids: 44%
  • Age: 18-24: 9% 25-34: 21% 35-44: 25% 45-54: 21% 55-64: 11% 65+: 4%
  • Household income: 63% of readers earn above $50K/year.
  • Education: No college: 19% College: 52% Post-grad: 29% (14% = US average)
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian: 82% AFAM: 11% Asian: 3% Hispanic: 3%
  • Political Affiliation: REP: 21% DEM: 33% IND: 46%
  • Political Engagement: Active: 32% Somewhat active: 48% Inactive: 20%

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Sponsorship Guidelines
These guidelines seek to preserve the non-commercial nature of Raleigh Public Record. Our readers value this characteristic as part of what makes a non-profit online newspaper provide readership value and substance. It is critical that we maintain a non-commercial, uncluttered and intelligent reader environment. Your sponsorship support represents a partnership between your organization and Raleigh Public Record, and demonstrates your commitment to quality, nonprofit community journalism.

A web sponsorship must identify but may not overtly promote your organization, services, facilities or products. It may not express your organization’s views on any matter of public interest or importance, nor support or oppose any political candidate. In addition to these requirements, web sponsorship must be in keeping with the non-commercial nature of this nonprofit online newspaper.

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  • References to price or value.
  • Contain language expressly advocating political, religious or social causes.
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  • Contain dramatic, shocking or disturbing language.

Editorial Control
Raleigh Public Record exercises absolute editorial control over web sponsorship copy and reserves the right to edit copy to conform to organizational guidelines.

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