Development Beat: Teardown Tuesday

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The Grove at Fallon Park is quite lovely

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One June 13, five expired permits for the demolition of a number of structures at the site of the new Grove at Fallon Park Town Home community.

The Grove at Fallon Park is quite lovely

The Grove at Fallon Park is quite lovely

A quick Google search made it look like many of the homes were already built or under construction; what was left to demolish, especially since those original demolition permits were from June of 2013.

So I went out to investigate, and found…nothing. Actually, I went to the address of the property owner first, because I misread the new permit spreadsheet like the idiot I am. Thankfully, M/I Homes’ headquarters is less than 10 minutes from the Grove at FP.

Once I figured out the right address, I quickly realized that the re-issuance of those old permits must have been just some paperwork issue, because there was nothing but new and under-construction town homes as far as the eye could see. So I’d wasted my time twice over.

I didn’t feel like writing a Terrific Tuesday post, and briefly considered doing a “Tubular Tuesday” where I scoped out the top five spots in Raleigh to build a water park, but realized that I had the opportunity to talk about a demolition and what was built next, instead of what was being planned or projected to be built next.

Since those permits were issued in June 2013, we never covered them here in the Development Beat, so I figure they’re fair game.

Back in 2013, around the same time M/I Homes was snapping up land for the 9.3 acre future site of the Grove, the site was largely vacant but home to five traditional-style office buildings. Wake County has gotten into the annoying habit of wiping old building records once a site has been completely demolished, so we don’t have a lot of reliable data on them, other than the Google Streetview photos.

There was some information on the website Loopnet; although we were burned by them in the past, this listing, purported to be from 2011, seems pretty legitimate:

Rare inside the Beltline — 10.01 acres zoned R-10 between Five Points and Wake Forest Road. Currently in use by Wake County Public School System as office space, bus garage and parking area. Please see the Information Packet attached.

Located in the northern central sector of Raleigh, just south of the interchange of I-440 (inner Beltline) at Wake Forest Road, a major north/south commercial corridor for the city. More specifically it is located on the eastern side of Noble Road just south of its intersection with McNeill Street. Existing land uses for properties adjacent to or in proximity to the site include residential use and school use (J.Y Joyner Elementary School).

A rare shot of the old building, care of Loopnet

A rare shot of the old building, care of Loopnet

The site plans (S-15-13) only briefly mention the existing buildings that were eventually torn down, making note only of the large amount of impervious surface already on the site, which makes sense, considering that a bus garage and parking area would take up a lot of space.

According to the demolition permits: both the reissued ones from last week and the originals from three years ago — the buildings themselves made up a total of 25,520 square feet. Cecil Holcomb handled the majority of the $236,400 demolition, although A & B Environmental is listed on aa $11,400 demo permit for what’s described as a one-square foot building. What is this, a demolition for ants?


As it happens, most of the new town homes at the Grove at Fallon Park are already built and occupied. Let’s take a look at how it’s being pitched to potential buyers, vs. that old 2011 listing.

The Grove at Fallon Park is a new home community located inside the I-440 Beltline off Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, a hot spot for entertainment, quality dining. This community of townhomes offers three bedroom homes, first floor owner’s suites, and a setting that’s intimate, but at the same time close in proximity to the hustle and bustle of downtown Raleigh.

Featuring beautiful, dark hardwood flooring and granite countertops, along with stainless steel appliances and high ceilings, the Grove at Fallon Park by M/I Homes exudes a feeling of luxury and comfort.

It’s interesting, but perhaps not terribly surprising, especially to @WNFIV types, that both pieces of promotional literature start off by mentioning the fact this property is located *inside* the beltline. An important distinction to be sure, but when you lead with that and wait until paragraph three to mention the communal gazebo, it just feels like you’re burying the lede.

We hate to end things on a tragic note, but as of March 21, all of the homes at the Grove had been sold. Sorry folks!

In 2013, that dirt lot has been transformed into high-end town homes

In March 2016, the Grove at Fallon Park officially Sold Out. I liked these town homes way before they were cool though.