Join the Board

Want to help the Raleigh Public Record grow and expand its reporting? Join the Board of Directors. Read below to learn more. If you’re not sure that’s for you, consider joining the Advisory Board.

Q. Tell me more about the Record.
A. We started in 2008 with no budget and one goal: to report and document the news of Raleigh.

Our mission: To fairly and responsibly cover the issues affecting all Raleigh communities, using traditional pen-and-pad reporting as well as audio and visual storytelling. While reporting stories traditional media no longer cover, we also strive to test new ways to convey news and help train a new generation of journalists.

Q. What about financials?
A. The Record is a 501(c)(3) organization. At first, we relied solely on volunteers. As we grew, we acquired grants and donations, at one point with a $70,000 budget. However, in 2014 we suffered some major changes. We are entering the calendar year 2015 with a $25,000 grant and plans to improve our fundraising efforts.

Of our funds, the majority goes to pay our writers, all of whom work as freelance contractors.

At various times, the Record has had part-time employees, including the editor, managing editor, a reporter and a fundraising/development coordinator. At this time, all positions are contract (1099).

Q. What are your goals?
A. We are now in what we call “the reset button” phase, during which we are transitioning from two former editors to two new ones and working hard to steer the Record in new and better directions. We strive to find a way to sustain the Record and its important work.

Q. Why do you need new board members?
A. We aim to have a board of 9-11 members, bringing a variety of knowledge and experience to our group. The more voices and ideas we can get to improve our organization, the better. We need help marketing, finding donors, financial advice and more to help us move into the future.

Q. What type of people are you seeking for your board?
A. We’re looking for all sorts of people. Different ages, professions, Raleigh addresses. A variety of voices will create a strong board.

Q. What is expected of board members?
A. We are a working board. Board members are expected to attend meetings, help with fundraising events and to participate in projects as needed based on his/her skill set. Our No. 1 mission is to raise money for the Record. While there is no set amount board members must donate, members are expected to give something each year.

Q. If I join the board, how much of my time is needed?
A. Board members can expect to spend an average of two to five hours per month helping the Record move forward. Board members are expected to participate in all fundraising events and activities, so some months may require a few extra hours of service on a particular day.

Q. How long is a board member’s term?
A. Each term is two years, and board members can serve up to three terms.

Q. How often does the board meet?
A. We meet on the first Monday of even-numbered months for about two hours, except in December, when we have a four-hour retreat on the first Saturday.

Q. Can board members have input on the news stories in the Record?
A. Story suggestions and comments are welcome. However, final editorial decisions are up to the editors.

Want to know more? Contact board chair Jennifer Suarez at jwig [at]