Reinventing Capital Boulevard – Northern Gateway into Downtown Raleigh

The kickoff public meeting for the Capital Blvd Corridor Study was held on June 24th with over 200 people in attendance, most of whom either lived in, operated businesses, or owned property in the immediate area.  The intent of this study is to reinvent this northern corridor to Downtown Raleigh and design a plan on how to redevelop this area from the near to long-term.

Following an overview of the study, participants broke into groups (8-10 people) and discussed four main topics that the Planning Department wanted to make sure it captured through public involvement:

1) Did the study boundary include all of the areas that should be under consideration for redevelopment, or were any left out?

2) What are the biggest issues that redevelopment of this area could address?

3) What are the biggest opportunities that redevelopment of this corridor could accomplish?

4) What are the biggest obstacles standing in the way of making our visions a reality?

The ultimate goal of this study is to create a list of priorities based on the final recommendations, in order to create short-term, mid-term, and long-term development goals of this area.  Eventually these will be presented to the City Council to get funding and begin action.

It is critical that other efforts of the City Planning– be integrated into this study, including both the plans for high-speed rail along this corridor (including the planned new Union Station), and the Unified Development Ordinance, which will address new zoning regulations for Raleigh.  This study will also open up the opportunities to create a “gateway” into Raleigh, including a greenway into Downtown that connects with the one just south of I-440, cleaning up Pigeon House Branch Creek (possibly creating a “river-walk” experience), enhancing landscaping along the corridor, controlling traffic patterns between downtown and I-440 in a more logical manner, and countless other opportunities. 

The next public meeting is expected to happen in September or October of this year. You can stay up to date on this topic and other development related information by subscribing at the City of Raleigh’s Planning Department site.


Report provided by Chris Roberts, DLA Representative for the Capital Boulevard Corridor / Northern Downtown Gateway. 

DLA member Leo Suarez of the Raleigh Connoisseur also attended the kick-off meeting, so you’ll also want to jump over to the Raleigh Connoisseur to read what he has to say in his recent post “What is the Future of Capital Boulevard?”

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  1. Great info–thanks for posting, Chris. Looking forward to seeing how this project develops.

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