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Love Raleigh’s parks and greenways? VOTE YES!

VOTE-YESWhen my wife and I moved to Raleigh ten years ago, one the first things we did to acclimate ourselves to the area was walk the greenways and explore the parks.  We actually got out a map and targeted any sections that were big and green!  If you feel like we do that these amenities define Raleigh’s commitment to good stewardship of resources and prizing of the quality of life associated with walking, biking and community centers, then this is your opportunity to vote with your wallet.

On November 4th, Raleigh voters will have the opportunity to approve a $91.7 million bond to upgrade and create new parks, greenways and cultural facilities.

Park Improvements

Greenway Improvements

  • Connecting Crabtree Creek Greenway from the Duraleigh area to Umstead State Park
  • Closing the one remaining gap in the Crabtree Creek Greenway trail by extending the greenway from Herford Street extending to the east side of Lassiter Mill Road

Cultural Resource Projects

Land Acquisition & Development

  •  Planning, designing and phasing of the implementation of a new destination park in the Devereux Meadows area adjacent to Glenwood South, at the corner of Peace Street and Capital Boulevard

Imagine the impact that these projects would have on the community.  As more people move downtown, green spaces are more utilized than ever.  Raleigh leaders and planners need our help in insuring that we continue to be the kind of city where green spaces provide the connection, activity and possibility associated with this development.

There are 23 projects that would be phased in over the next 5–7 years, beginning in the fall of 2015.  Review the full list of projects.  Download the Park Bond Projects Brochure.

Vote YES!!  The bond item is on the back of the ballot.


Email questions or comments to or call 919-996-4784.

Big idea: Observation towers in Downtown Raleigh

The Downtown Plan work is just beginning, with the first visioning session set for April 2nd.  The  visioning session will include breakout group discussions on how Downtown Raleigh’s role could evolve and transform over the next 10 years.

So what are the BIG IDEAS that will help transform downtown Raleigh and our city?

I  came across this post on with one such idea, placing a group of observation towers around the downtown to view our tree canopy and our beloved cityscape from above.  Suggested spots for towers around downtown include Devereux Meadows, Dix Park and St. Agnes/Oakwood.

Jump over to to read more about this “Above the Oaks” idea, including how the towers could serve as a focal point and a connection for neighborhoods.




Greenway Connection to Umstead Park moves forward: FINALLY!

Greenways users don’t like having to stop and turnaround when the greenway suddenly stops, and if you’ve traveled to the north end of Crabtree Creek Greenway it’s particularly annoying.  Here, the creek continues into a forested area, but the greenway comes to an abrupt end.  You would be even more discouraged, if you knew that at this point, the creek goes into Umstead Park, just 1.3 miles ahead.

As the City adds more miles of greenways, connections between greenways become increasingly important, and this connection to Umstead Park has been on the radar for a long time.  I first wrote about this connection over three years ago, including the decades long hold up with getting easements through Hanson’s Quarry.

FINALLY some good news!

The City is reporting that the easements have now been acquired for connecting between Crabtree Creek Trail and Umstead.  No timetable has been provided, but we can assume the City will move quickly as this has been considered “the last piece in the Greenway System yet to be secured”.


Time to DREAM BIG about the Future of Raleigh’s Parks & Recreation System

logo sept 21-01The City Parks & Recreation Department is in the middle of a 16-month process of updating the entire parks and recreation system. Everything from recreation services, hours of park operations, maintenance, greenway connectors, land acquisition, types of parks, etc..

The next step in the process are the visioning workshops that run from May 13th – May 17th, comprised of 15 sessions covering a range of Parks and Recreation themes.  The full schedule of events and session descriptions are available in this document.

Kick off event

  • When: Monday, May 13th, 6:00-8:00pm
  • Where: Raleigh Convention Center

Open House

  • When: Friday, May 17th, 3:30-6:30 pm
  • Where: Raleigh Convention Center

Visit the City of Raleigh website for detailed information on the Parks & Recreation System Plan and how you can get involved.

Designing the Peace Street Corridor: A First Friday (May 3rd) Exhibit

Context MapIn collaboration with the City of Raleigh’s Urban Design Center, Landscape Architecture and Architecture students from the College of Design at North Carolina State University will present their conceptual designs and ideas to revitalize Peace Street from Glenwood Avenue to Person Street.

What: Preview the Designing for Peace Exhibit – Peace Street Corridor

When: May 3rd from 6:00-9:00pm

Where: City Museum located at 220 Fayetteville Street #100 Raleigh

The corridor project will include designs for a new bridge at the intersection of Capital Boulevard and Peace Street, a transit stop (for future light-rail), a 15-acre park along Pigeon House Branch, bus shelters, public art and street renovations.

Students are asking the public to take a few minutes now to answer this survey, so that the results will be available during First Friday opening at City Museum. You are also encouraged to forward the survey link to community groups that might have an interest in the renovations along Peace Street.

Survey link:


For more information contact Carla Radoslovich Delcambre, NCSU Department of Landscape Architecture, Ph: 919.538.8739, email:


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