The DLA is a citizen group, focused on issues of interest to residents of Downtown Raleigh. The group was formed in February of 2009 by a group of residents motivated by a desire to lend their voices to shaping the growth and character of Downtown Raleigh.

Our mission is to be an organized voice for Downtown residents, working together with city agencies, concerned institutions and local businesses in supporting balanced and sustainable growth for Raleigh.

We are people who live, work or play in the Downtown area and share a passion for our city. Our intention is to play an active role in helping our Downtown neighborhoods be the most livable and attractive they can be, both for us and future residents.

Membership open to those living outside downtown

Membership in the DLA is free and open to anyone, regardless of where you live.  We welcome the current 20% of our membership base that lives outside of downtown as we strive to reach out and become a place of connection for our community.

Learn more about our membership by going to the “join us” link on this website.

Working with downtown neighborhood collaboratives

In November 2013, the DLA helped form the Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative (GSNC).  Working at a neighborhood level, the goals of the GSNC are to bring together both residents and merchants to further strengthen their community and to develop models of communication and collaboration around neighborhood issues.  

The DLA and the GSNC share similar goals with residents seeking to live among thriving businesses that support their pedestrian lifestyle.   While the DLA is focused on downtown-wide issues from a resident perspective, the GSNC works at a neighborhood level under a collaborative of residents and merchants, with a membership that reflects both.

The DLA is currently working in partnership with the Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) to help support the formation of neighborhood collaboratives within the other four downtown districts.

Organizations or businesses that would like to become involved with the DLA are requested to review our Guideline for Working with Commercial Interests.