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James Borden

The Whiskey Kitchen

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Friday, July 8, 2016

First off: a shout-out to one of the Development Beat’s most loyal readers, Mary Borden, who’s in town to celebrate her birthday today!

Unfortunately, my Mom won’t have the opportunity to check out the Whiskey Kitchen, which, despite receiving an ABC Inspection permit last week, won’t be opening until the end of the month. An employee at the self-described “chef’s barroom,” located across from Nash Square in Downtown Raleigh, told us they haven’t set a hard opening date yet.

The Whiskey Kitchen

James Borden

The Whiskey Kitchen

Permits for the renovation of the 6,074 square-foot space at 201 West Martin Street, the former home of the White Horse Transportation Company were first issued in April of last year. The opening has been delayed due to a terrible motorcycle accident chef Michael Thor was involved in late last year.

Another ABC Inspection from last week was for the newest location of Pieology, which will open at North Hills in midtown Raleigh in the space once occupied by Sam’s Pizza. Pieology has one other location in Raleigh, at the base of the Stanhope tower on Hillsborough.

Both North Hills and Stanhope were developed by Kane Realty. We were unable to nail down a hard opening date for the North Hills location, but it should be sometime within the next month.

The final ABC permit worth noting was for something called “Party Pick Up” — which appears to be a convenience mart of some kind. The address given — 3801 Western Boulevard — is currently home to Hannah’s Stop N Shop.

Outside of the ABC Inspections, there weren’t exactly a slew of interesting renovation permits issued last week. While AT&T & T-Mobile customers will be happy to know that four permits were issued for repairs to these telecom providers’ equipment, there’s not much we can really write about when it comes to small jobs like that. For what it’s worth, three of those permits were issued to AT&T and one to T-Mobile.

The largest set of renovation permits from last week were issued to Brasfield & Gorrie for renovations at WakeMed Brier Creek. The total listed cost of construction on the three permits they received was $872,925.

But health care renovation projects are about as common as self-storage new building projects, and even less interesting. Before we move on: the offices of UNC Family Medicine on Duraleigh Road will be undergoing a $200,000 interior alteration of Suite 200, care of the Core Building Company.

Dr. Michael P. Girouard

Dr. Michael P. Girouard

Suite 200 is  the home of Dr. Michael Girouard’s “Let’s Get Thin” practice. Interestingly enough, the good doctor apparently underwent $50,000 worth of renovations to his practice at the hands of Core Building just two months ago. 

An interesting fact we noted at the time was that Dr. Girouard, who, according his bio, goes by “The Real Dr. G.” (awesome) charges between $160-$235 for a first visit, and $105-$175 for each monthly follow-up. A little more expensive than Planet Fitness, but I imagine they get better results.

If getting thin isn’t your thing (and yes, we made this same jokey-transition when we last reported on Dr. Girouard) than the next renovation might be a little more up your alley: the Starbucks at the Crabtree Valley Mall is set to undergo $200,000 worth of renovations. The work will be done by RA Heath Construction.

The final renovation project from last week we’re making the capricious and arbitrary decision to report on was for the $70,000 fit-out of the new location of the Donna’s Cuts Salon from Donna Giannaina out at 7511 Mourning Dove Road.

Donna’s Cuts is currently located at 909 Spring Forest Road.

Ms. Giannaina picked the right week to have her shop renovated, since I’m more than willing to fill out a few extra column inches by providing her pitch.

After 20+ years of working in big salons I have decided to step out on my own. I strive to offer excellent service whether cutting your hair or coloring. I will always pay attention to the smallest detail. I’ve worked in N.Y., R.I., Ohio, N.C. and Malaysia! Now back in NC where I plan to stay!

I like the idea of someone working in this industry striking out on their own, as in my personal experience a lot of the patronage is driven by a sense of personal loyalty/preference, and running one’s own salon requires years of building those relationships.

For instance: I’ve been going to the same stylist for years now, even after she quit working at SportsClips. She’s great; not many people know this about me, but I was actually the inspiration for that line in the Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” song where she’s talking about the fella over there with the hella good hair. Really.

You can't see it because I was off camera, but TS was pointing to me when she sang "over there"

You can’t see it because I was off camera, but TS was pointing to me when she sang “over there”