The DLA encourages sharing of information with other organizations or businesses that support or complement our mission. Examples would include Downtown blogs (not directly linked to any company sites, e.g. real estate companies, advertising companies or sales entities), who routinely post information on downtown activities, people and organizations within their communication network and include the appropriate attribution.

Additionally, the DLA may agree to share information with organizations or businesses in exchange for use of their premises or services.

However, it is important the DLA not engage in activities that are (or are perceived by the public as being) sponsored by particular businesses. In this regard, organizations or businesses who wish to become involved with the DLA are asked to abide by the following restrictions:

  • No soliciting at DLA events without advance permission.
  • Mixers are for social interaction and not designed to be used for soliciting business or clientele.

Articles or references to the DLA in business literature and/or on company websites is not permitted without advance permission, with the exception being Downtown blogs as noted above.