Council hesitant over the Lightner center

Raleigh City Council Tuesday got an in-depth analysis of the proposed Clarence E. Lightner public safety center, but did not make a final decision on whether to risk moving forward during an economic recession.
According to the Vice President of Clancy & Theys construction company Scott Cutler, $141 million will cover only the building, and does not include furnishings and the technology required. The entire cost is projected at $205 million.
Cutler said between 1,800 and 3,900 jobs would be created by the construction, factoring in contractors and builders, as well as indirect employment from services such as coffee and food.

Council moves forward on new facilities

The Raleigh City Council approved moving forward on three major projects in their capital improvement plan:
$2.4 million to finish plans for the Clarence E. Lightner Public Safety Center, the construction of an outdoor amphitheater next to Raleigh’s convention center and funding for new Solid Waste Services facilities.

The Lightner center will house the police and fire departments, and now has funding to finalize development plans that are currently 50 percent done. The amphitheater will host cultural events, art expos and a partnership with Live Nation, which will bring big-name acts downtown. Approving the projects now takes advantage of the poor economy, keeping the costs down for the public, said City Manager Russel Allen.

November 24 blotter

Someone reported being mugged on the 400 block of West South Street at 3 p.m. saying the thief made off with a wallet, $1200 cash and 7 grams of crack.