The Evolution of Raleigh: 10 Time Lapse Photos Show How The City Has Changed

North Carolina. Late 18th Century. A number of cities were in contention for selection as the State Capital; the area which eventually became Raleigh was referred to as Wake Cross Roads or Wake Court House. It was argued that the capital should not “situate in a lonely grove of oaks, inland from any port, a place without populace, amid thorn and briar with nothing to recommend it but a courthouse, an inn and two or three scattered residences.” How times have changed.

Oak City Portraits: Slide the City II

Record editor James Borden was out at Slide the City this weekend, and all he got you was this lousy photo gallery. Oh, and this Periscope video, below. As a bonus, we’ve also included the Periscope video from Sunday’s Food Truck Rodeo, held on Fayetteville Street.