Send Us Your Transit, Transportation Questions

Hi listeners –

We have a fun idea for an episode and we need your help! We’d like to gather a bunch of general questions about transit and transportation in Raleigh. These can be any category: bike, pedestrian, car, bus, train, plane, whatever. We will then find the answers, record that person explaining the answer, and put it all into one episode.

Photo by emagic/Visual Hunt
Photo by emagic/Visual Hunt

Record Your Questions
Now, for extra fun, I’d love to get your questions via mp3 as well so our listeners can hear the question from you and then the answer from an expert. Please record your question on your smartphone and email us an mp3 file of it. Please include your name and city and then your question. So easy! (If you listen to Freakonomics, you have probably heard them include listener questions or comments. It’s like that.)

If you’re terribly shy and simply do not want to record yourself, that’s OK. Just email us the question anyway and me or James will read it. To fill 30 minutes we’ll need a lot of questions, so this may take a few months.┬áThank you for participating in the discussion!

One thought on “Send Us Your Transit, Transportation Questions

  1. Hi,
    Sorry but I’m technologically challenged so I’ll just have to write my question here.

    Why don’t I hear anything about transit for people with disabilities? The current system definitely is not working. We need a system that provides access to all parts of life such as movies, restaurants and shopping not just medical appointments and rides up to only early evening but the same type of access that people without disabilities are offered.

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