Learn about the West Street CycleTrack During Open House

Press Release

City Transportation Staff and Oaks & Spokes To Hold Open House on West Street CycleTrack on Jan. 23

City of Raleigh Department of Transportation staff and Oaks & Spokes representatives will hold an open house on the proposed West Street CycleTrack project on Tuesday, Jan. 23 at Citrix. Attendees will get an opportunity to learn more about the West Street CycleTrack project, see the preliminary design and provide their feedback on the concept. The open to the public event will begin at 5 p.m. Citrix is located at 120 S. West Street in Downtown Raleigh.

City Transportation staff has been working to implement priority projects recommended in the adopted BikeRaleigh Plan. The City has received an offer of assistance from Oaks & Spokes to help fund and implement a proposed cycle track (also known as a two-way separated bike lane) along West Street from Martin Street to Jones Street Downtown. City Council has approved the acceptance of a donation of traffic control materials up to $20,000 in value, currently being crowdfunded by Oaks & Spokes, a local non-profit that promotes and advocates for bicycling in Raleigh.

The West Street CycleTrack is recommended to be installed on the west side of the street to minimize impacts to on-street parking. On West Street between Martin Street and Hargett Street, there are currently 22 parking spaces and 1 materials loading zone on the west side and 29 parking spaces and 3 taxi zones on the east side. Along with the construction of the Dillon Building, 1 truck loading zone and 11 parking spaces will be added to the east side of West Street. The materials loading zone on the west side of West Street between Morgan Street and Hillsborough Street will be moved to the east side, resulting in a net impact of 24 parking spaces.

As currently planned, the project will install the cycle track as a pilot installation with temporary traffic control materials designed to last for at least six months. The traffic control materials may include flexible delineators, planters, traffic tape, signs, and paint. Evaluation of the project will inform future modifications to the project and guide design decisions for additional two-way separated bike lanes in the future.

City staff and Oaks & Spokes representatives have reached out to property owners and businesses in the corridor to make them aware of the project and the parking impacts associated with a six-month pilot installation. Installation is anticipated to occur in late April or early May. Staff will continue to partner with Oaks & Spokes to develop the concept design.

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>Map of the West Street CycleTrack corridor

>West Street project concept cross-section

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