Ep. 43 – The Word on the Bird

Bird dockless scooters have “landed” in Raleigh (as all the news headlines said). Let’s talk about how they work, what to expect if you’re riding one, and why some cities ban them. Will Raleigh do the same?


A “nest” of Birds on South Wilmington Street near Hargett.

Scootopia – Aggregates various electric scooter maps/apps so you can find one near you.

Bird Scooters – So Much Fun, So Damn Dangerous – LA Times, July 6, 2018

Debated and banned in other cities, electric scooters have arrived in downtown Raleigh – News & Observer, July 11, 2018

Inbound Raleigh Ep. 29 – Scooters – (the street kind)