Ep. 57 – A Cycletrack Demo

A Cycletrack, or protected bike lane, in Raleigh is still a ways off. Meanwhile, Oaks and Spokes is organizing a cycletrack demo this weekend. We talk to Cody Stokes from Oaks and Spokes and Mary Sell, a BPAC Commissioner, about the demo weekend and the future of a protected bike lane here in Raleigh.


Oaks and Spokes Cycletrack Info

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Ep. 25 – Cycletracks

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Cycletrack Demo Weekend Info and Schedule

4/5: Crank Arm First Friday Ride
4/6: OCCP Group Ride – we need a few volunteers for ride support and sweeping
4/6: Babies Deserve Bike Lanes
4/7: Citrix Cycle Group Ride

Other goings-on throughout the weekend on Day OneDay Two, and Day Three.

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