Dear Raleigh Residents and Elected Officials,

The decision to decide on a new plan for the Capital Boulevard bridge at Peace Street is coming soon. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the two plans,we, the Downtown Living Advocates (DLA), want to show our support for the P5 alternative, commonly called “The Square Loop.”

Our members have voiced, in majority, support of the Square Loop as we feel this new plan will be the best option toward creating a better sense of place, encouraging new development, and connecting the area along Peace Street to our current urban fabric.

The Square Loop is in keeping with the values that were adopted by our City Council in the Capital Boulevard Corridor Study. The DLA asks that our elected officials continue to support the best options for the Capital Boulevard corridor and promote alternatives, like the Square Loop, that create better pedestrian/bicycle friendliness, urban environments, and new growth in our downtown neighborhoods.

We want to thank all parties that have been involved in the planning process, including those at NCDOT and Raleigh City Staff, that have shared information with the DLA about this critical project.

With over 1,000 registered members and many more supporters, the DLA wants to continue to be involved in Raleigh’s growing downtown area.

Downtown Living Advocates