UDO Open Houses to education residents about proposed new development regulations

To help you become more informed about the new development regulations (UDO) proposed for the City of Raleigh, the open houses are designed to give you variety of educational opportunities,


  • Large display boards highlighting major sections of the new regulations
  • Maps showing the current zoning for all areas of the City
  • Charts comparing the difference between the current and proposed zoning districts
  • Results of test cases from recent CAC workshop
  • Resource tables for the following…
    • 2030 Comprehensive Plan
    • New residential districts being proposed for the City
    • Mixed use centers, an important new form of development proposed for the City
    • Mapping, a process that will convert  the existing zoning districts to the new zoning districts
    • Various types of streets and building frontages
    • New transition regulations to help protect residential areas

Approximately halfway through the open house, Code Studio, the lead consultant writing the UDO, will make a presentation and then give you the opportunity to ask questions.

These workshops are all about helping the City get the “right rules in the right places” so the City can grow better, not just bigger. Details for the 3 open houses are available here.

You’ll want to check out the RaleighUDO website and follow them on Twitter to learn more.

1 Comment

  1. Dan

    I'm super interested to see the maps comparing current and proposed zoning districts.

    In the N&O this morning there's an article about our city's leadership going to Denver to get ideas on what that city has done right that we can duplicate. It talks a little about the importance zoning has had for good, smart development. I hope Raleigh's zoning plan accomplishes the same.