UnknownIt was in February of 2009 that a handful of residents first got together, looking for a way to meet and engage others living downtown.  They realized that their life style brought with it a wide variety of blessings, along with some unique challenges associated with living in mixed use residential and commercial / entertainment districts.  Since then, the DLA has grown into an important resident advocacy group working with the City Council and other civic and neighborhood groups to maximize the quality of downtown life, as well as providing opportunities for downtowners to meet, have fun and make a difference in Raleigh.

Despite its growth, the DLA has not changed from its original commitment, continuing to make its mark in Downtown Raleigh as an all-volunteer organization with no membership fees, and keeping its focus on issues of interest to downtown residents.

Its voice has grown in proportion to its now 700+ members, with many more connecting through the blog, social media, and monthly meetings or events, including the always popular mixers.

Here’s a Birthday Quiz: True or False?

1. You have to live downtown to become part of the DLA. 


We hear it a lot, “I would like to join your group, but I don’t live downtown”.  The DLA has never been about borders, and we encourage anyone who lives, works or plays downtown to join us!  We’re happy to claim the 15% of our members who live outside the downtown area.

2. Whether you want to become very involved, or choose to occasionally jump into your favorite causes, you’re a welcome member of the DLA.  


DLA Core Group members serve the DLA by leading specific initiatives or by representing their condo building or neighborhood.

Reading our blogs and monthly newsletters can bring you up to date on the wide variety of interests and projects the DLA has pursued in the past four years.  There’s something for everyone to learn about and help us to support.  These are just a sampling.

Transit:  The DLA has actively supported public transit initiatives (Wake County Transit Plan, High Speed Rail) and brought the city’s first car sharing service to downtown Raleigh.  Our Core Group includes representatives of CAFT and the Mayor’s Passenger Rail Task Force.

Redevelopment: DLA members started Link Peace Street, an advocacy group working to create a more walkable area around the intersection with Capital Boulevard and Peace Street.  Our Core Group includes members of the Advisory Group for the Unified Development Ordinance and the Capital Boulevard Corridor Study.

Innovation: DLA members helped bring SeeClickFix to Raleigh, and have become active in working with start up projects such as CityCamp Raleigh and Triangle Wiki.

Parks & Open Space: The DLA has conducted several greenway bike tours and supported the conversion of Devereux Meadows and the Dorothea Dix Campus into downtown destination parks.  Our Core Group includes a member of the City Parks & Recreation Board.


DLA founders celebrate 4-year anniversary

The number of residents living in downtown Raleigh will grow dramatically in the coming years, and the DLA is in a great position to continue our role as a strong advocate for the balanced growth that ensures that downtown neighborhoods continue to be attractive for both current and future residents.  We welcome the expression of your special skills on behalf of downtown life, and value your insights that help to make our neighborhood the diverse, vital and active environment we all embrace.