Doctors in the House?

We have lived downtown for six years, and continue to hear all about the new restaurants and bars opening up.  These amenities provide great entertainment for us and I love the energy and the enthusiasm, but I was more excited about hearing the news that we have new doctors downtown providing primary care. That’s right, we now have a primary care physician practice downtown—four doctors to be exact.  Having a critical service like this is an important addition for the residential base downtown. You can be sure  it didn’t take me long to walk down and sign up.  I have been a patient with Dr. Mary Forbes for six months now and it has been wonderful.  I think the best part for me is that I can walk down, stop at the bank, pick up my mail, go to my doctors appointment and grab a bite to eat, all with out driving a car…………Now that is walk-ability.

Meet the Downtown Docs on May 19th

Come meet the downtown docs on May 19th.   There will be an open house on May 19th at the City Center Medical Group located down from BuKu from 4-6PM.   The first 150 people get a FREE gift.  This will be a great event to meet all of the doctors, visit the facility and welcome them to the neighborhood.

The City Center Medical Group is located on the corner of Wilmington and Davie Streets, in the Progress Energy Building.  Learn more at

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    Doctor in the House is a British television comedy series based on a set of books and a movie of the same name by Richard Gordon about the misadventures.

    Dawn Kettlewell