As neighbors tend to do, I bought something pre-owned on Craigslist from someone who only lives a few blocks away. I read the directions to her house on my phone on the way over and parked in front of her cozy rental, across the street from the recently gutted home of an older lady who plans to resell it for around $400,000, which is typical for property in and around downtown Raleigh. And as neighbors also tend to do, we shared tidbits of information with each other for no particular reason other than just because and it was fun. Come to think of it, I don’t think I gave her any useful information… but I did see something on the way back home that would interest her search for a property to buy and rent to the local college kids… so I will go send that email shortly. My neighbor on the other hand, solved the case of Fidelity Bank’s mysterious Roman architecture for me.

Everyday, I turn off Oberlin Road onto Smallwood Drive, past the “great” bank on the corner and wonder, what did they have in mind? And today, the answer: the owners of the property returned from an Italian vacation inspired to double the bank as a venue for events. Yes, party time on a roof top in Cameron Village… an idea I’d guess was born over a delicious bottle of Italian red wine while staring out over a balcony at the brave architecture of Rome.


Originally posted on the blog, Downtown Dame. Reposted with permission and using Creative Commons.