The Wake County Transit Plan is moving through the review process among the county municipalities, including a review with the Raleigh City Council yesterday.

Details of the plan are taking shape since our last update on this blog, so here’s what we know now.

The Wake County Transit Plan has been divided into two parts, with the Core Plan supported by local funding, and the enhanced plan requiring State and Federal funding.

This table shows you the What, When, and Where…

And Why . . .

The Why is fairly obvious given that the City of Raleigh and Wake County will have ANOTHER MILLION PEOPLE moving here in the next 20-25 years, who will compete with existing residents for space on roads and land (housing).

Two opportunities promise to help meet the requirements of this expanded population.
  1. We need to give people a choice of using public transit rather than their cars to avoid adding to our own personal cost and time due to major road congestion.
  2. Light Rail encourages higher density housing development around train stations, needed to provide a cost effective use of our limited land and energy resources.

Next Steps

  1. Transit authorities continue to seek input from Wake County municipalities.
  2. Final Wake County Transit Plan submitted in May/June this year.
  3. County Commissioners vote to approve referendum on local sales tax.
  4. Referendum held in November this year.
  5. Yes vote is a GO to begin executing the Core Plan.
  6. Continue to compete nationally for Federal Funds to support the Enhanced Plan.

Thank you for your support of Raleigh as it grows in accordance to the visioning of residents, businesses and local government who continue to balance growth with quality of life.  Change is inevitable, but with informed citizens, we can shape it to make Raleigh a model for connection, sustainability and vitality.

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