The Future of Raleigh’s Water

The city is looking at everything from replacing leaky pipes and promoting water conservation to building a new reservoir to address the shortfall. No matter what solution or combination of solutions city officials choose, most will mean higher water bills in the years to come.

Mapping Raleigh Tornado Damage

Estimates from the city put the cost of the damage done by the April 16 tornado at just more than $115 million. More than 2,500 homes and businesses were damaged when the EF3 tornado swept through Raleigh. See a property-by-property map of the damage.

Census Data Reveal Raleigh Growth and Population Shifts

As one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities, it is not surprising that 44 Raleigh census tracts grew by more than 20 percent. Most of the growth has been in the northwest part of the city, with other high-growth tracts in the northeast and southeast. Only two census tracts in the downtown area grew by more than 20 percent.

Photo by Suzie T.

City employee salaries

In honor of Sunshine Week, we present the salaries for every full-time permanent City of Raleigh employee.