Ep. 3 – The Wake County Transit Plan

In this episode, we take a look at the plan itself, going through most of the pages to get an idea of what Wake County residents can expect in the next 10 years if the referendum is approved. Here are some links we mentioned and a few other notes.

The Transit Plan


History – The 2012-2013 Plan

Politics Loom Large Over Transit Plan Push – Raleigh Public Record

Commission Votes Against Debate on Transit Sales Tax
N&O Road Worrier: Light rail moves ahead in Durham and Orange
Durham-Orange Light Rail Plan

Institute for Transportation and Development Policy – What is Bus Rapid Transit?


Four (or 36) Alternatives for Wake County’s Transit РThe blog of transit consultant Jarrett Walker


2 thoughts on “Ep. 3 – The Wake County Transit Plan

  1. John Locke Foundation lobby against the LRT in Charlotte and said it would not work.
    The sub markets of Uptown Charlotte and Sourhend was number one in the USA for building apartments. Southend is a model of what rail transit can do. I do not have much faith in John Locke Foundation on transit. At the present time the Lynx Blue line is being built out to UNCC Campus. John Locke Foundation did not lobby against this extension. Come to Charlotte in 2017 when all the Blue line is completed and ride it from one end to the other and you will be surprise.

    Good luck on Wake ‘s transit plan.

  2. Thanks for making this podcast! I enjoyed the first 3 episode, and I am excited about the R-Line one coming up. The R-line is my daily commute to work. Specifically from the stop in front of the Hibernian Pub on Glenwood to the stop at the Convention Center. It was a life saver during the summer heat!
    Made some friends who live in the apartments around my stop who use it getting to work in the Fayetteville St. area. Just met a guy who moved into the Gramercy and is using it, so more apartments are helping IMO.

    I will be voting for the transit plan.

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