Ep. 10 – Parking

Many Raleigh residents have an opinion or a question about downtown parking. We went straight to the source and interviewed Gordon Dash, Raleigh’s parking administrator. If he didn’t answer your question, send it to us via email or social media, and we’ll get the answer for you.

parking meter
Parking meter near Hillsborough Street

Relevant links:

Gordon Dash
Gordon Dash

The State of Parking in Downtown Raleigh – 2013

The Upcoming Parking Crisis in Downtown Raleigh – 2013

City Grappling with 1.4 Million Parking Shortfall – 2011

The High Cost of Free Parking – Book – Great read if you’re interested in this subject.

Downtown Living Advocates

Downtown Raleigh Alliance

Downtown Raleigh app (for parking help and other info)

City’s ParkLink site

Note: We are sorry about the clicking sound. We recorded episodes 9 & 10 the same day and didn’t realize the problem. It will be fixed for the next recording!