Ep. 9 – Transportation Etiquette

Transportation etiquette isn’t something Emily Post covered, but we all have to get along out there on the roads, no matter how you’re moving. James and I are on holiday break, but we made sure to record something for you to listen to while you’re hanging out with your crazy family, discussing politics, religion, abortion, and whether you should do a Holderness-style jammies video. (No.) Instead, treat your family to our discussion about manspreading and some general rants about discourteous behavior. We’d love to hear your “what a jerk” stories.mta psa makeup

Audio Note:
I’m so sorry to report there is an odd clicking sound in this episode. I’m told this is caused by electricity, but I’m working with the wonderful people at Little Raleigh Radio to figure out how I screwed up and how I can improve the sound quality. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you for listening to us so far in 2016.  Remember, we’d love to hear your ideas for topics to cover and ways to make our show better so feel free to contact us. We hope you have a fantastic holiday!

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