Ep. 34 – The Update Episode

We’ve been producing this show for more than a year now, which means some of the projects we’ve talked about are making progress. During this episode, we’ll share updates on bikeshare, I-40/Fortify, the I-540 ramp signals, Capital Boulevard bridge work, the I-440 widening plan, Complete 540, and Union Station. 

Sorry for the less-than-stellar photo of the Capital Boulevard Bridge at Peace. It’s pretty awkward over there with all the development going on!

Also, we cannot, apparently, refer to the bridge over Capital at Peace as “the Peace Street Bridge.” That title goes to the semi-famous one up the hill near Glenwood. 🙂 Follow the fun of watching 18-wheelers get stuck there on its Twitter account, @PeaceStBridge.


Bikeshare information

All bragging aside, you need to see the new Raleigh, N.C., passenger train station – Trains.com