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West Apartments Times II

It’s been two years since we first heard about the West Apartments, one of a number of new 5-6 story apartment buildings to be built downtown.  As talk shifted to Greg Sandreuter’s 23-story Skyhouse Apartments announced a year ago, the buzz seemed to die down regarding his smaller 7-story apartment building next to the present West at North condos.

West Apartments II

But now there is another West Apartments, West Apartments II being planned for that same track of land on the northeastern edge of Glenwood South.  I haven’t seen anything about it in the news, but the site plan suddenly appeared a few months ago on the City’s website.…

“Generation Rent” pushing demand for Downtown apartments

You’ve probably noticed the constructions sites that have sprung up everywhere you look in downtown, from Cameron Village to St Mary’s, to Hillsborough Street.  Having seen past booms that saturated the market with too much office space, too many spec homes and condos that sat empty, some are questioning the wisdom of developers who have jumped into the present apartment building craze.  Here is some perspective for the next time this comes up in a conversation with other downtowners…

This time is different!

Developers and the banks behind them are not taking risky bets this time.  Developers are focusing only on rental units, catering to ‘Generation Rent’. …

Kane’s buying up more Glenwood South property, and sources say grocery store deal is close

John Kane has just bought another swath of land on the northeast side of Glenwood South.  The new property is located behind his proposed 12-story mixed use building at the corner of Peace and West Streets, previously owned by Gregg Sandreuter.  Gregg was the developer of the North at West condos, and had filed plans several years ago to build two apartment buildings on this site (West Apartments I & II).  Let’s hope Kane has plans for something bigger and better … downtown has enough 6 story apartment buildings.

And this Triangle Business Journal article says that Kane is “close to a deal with Public Super Markets” to become the anchor store for his property at the corner of Peace and West Streets.…

Want to rent in downtown Raleigh? You’ll soon have SIX new apartment buildings from which to choose.

In response to dropping rates in homeownership, developers in downtown Raleigh are scrambling to keep up with demands for rental units.  Nationally, each 1% drop in the homeownership rate brings more than a million new renters into the U.S. market, and supply hasn’t kept pace.   Six new apartment complexes are expected to become available in downtown Raleigh within the next year or two, most having site plans already approved by the city.


Get ready for more than 1,300 new rental units on the market! 

Click to enlargeAll the plans are for mixed-use projects with ground floor retail and all are located within a mile of each other on the western side of downtown. …

A New Definition of Neighborhood in Glenwood South

What do you think of when you think of NEIGHBORHOOD? Driveways intersecting sidewalks like markings on a ruler? Lawns manicured and uniform? Two story houses with shuttered windows and automatic garage doors?

It occurred to me last Thursday as the crowd gathered on Tucker Street to see the Gravy Boys at Shop Local Raleigh’s Glenwood Live concert series, that I was looking at a new concept of neighborhood. Here young families picnicked on blankets spread across the grass, while 20 somethings sat on the curbs with dogs at their feet, and elderly people – some in wheel chairs – ventured out into the street from Glenwood Towers (public housing for seniors).…

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