935743_514555925246765_487923202_nTired of always doing the same thing and going to the same place?

The Downtown Raleigh Bucket List Contest starts May 1st, presented by LiveWorkPlay and Offline.

The contest rewards you for attending great events, trying new menu items, seeing live shows, participating in classes & many more exciting “experiences” in Downtown Raleigh! The more experiences you do, the more rewards you will receive!!

Go to dtrbucketlist.com to see a list of 16 exciting Downtown Raleigh Bucket List items. Try them, document them, and tell them about it. Make sure you sign up with your Twitter or Instagram handle that you will use to submit your photos.

How the contest works

  1. Complete a Bucket List Item
  2. Take a picture of your experience
  3. Upload that picture to Twitter and/or Instagram
  4. Hashtag #dtrbucketlist
  5. Repeat!

The rules

  1. Have a good time!!!
  2. Take a photo of each Experience and hashtag #DTRBucketList
  3. You will earn 1 point for each experience you complete and submit (via Twitter or Instagram). Bonus Bucket List Items will earn you 2 points each.
  4. If they cannot tell what you are doing in the photo, it will not count as a completed Experience.

What you can win

Each completed Experience will earn you 1 point. Once you have earned 5 points you will win our “Participant Prize,” after 10 points you will win our “Explorer Prize,” 14 points earns the “Adventurer Prize” and the Grand Prize, given to those who completed ALL of the Downtown Raleigh Bucket List Items, will include all of the previous prize packages, PLUS a free party for up to 100 people at Lucky B’s!

The contest runs from May 1st through July 14th, so start your DTR Bucket List today!