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The “spine” of the Raleigh greenway nears completion, paving the way for extensions of existing greenways.

If you’re an avid greenway user like me, you’ve probably become accustomed to the abrupt endings of the eastern sections of the Crabtree Creek and Walnut Creek Trails.  Good news!  Our patience is soon to be rewarded. Just last week at their December 4th meeting, the Raleigh City Council approved construction contracts for new greenway projects that will complete an 18 mile continuous section of the Neuse River Trail, and allowing for connections to the Neuse River Trail from the Walnut Creek and Crabtree Creek Trails.

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The Neuse River Trail is considered by greenway planners to be the “spine” of the Capital Area Greenway system.  And having the “spine” in place makes the long awaited extensions of the existing greenways possible.  Eventually the Neuse River Trail will be 28 miles long when the final southern extension to the Johnston County Line is completed.  Click the image on the right to see an enlarged map showing how the main greenway trails will traverse the city of Raleigh less than 2 years from now.

Here is a look at the two sections (10 miles) of the Neuse River Trail, which were completed over the past year.

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The first 6.5 miles of the Neuse River Trail were completed last fall.

An important first step in this chain of events took place in November of last year , with the completion of the “Upper Neuse” section.  This 6.5 mile northernmost part of the Neuse River Trail extends from the Falls Lake Dam to the WRAL Soccer Field off Perry Creek Road.  The trail passes under Falls of Neuse Road, New Falls of Neuse Road and Capital Boulevard.

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Another 3.7 miles were completed this month.

Just this month (December 2012), the 4 mile “Hedingham” section of the Neuse River Trial was completed.  This trail section starts at the right of way for the future extension of Skycrest Drive, and crosses under New Bern Avenue and Interstate 64 before ending at Anderson Point Park.


The remaining three sections are expected to be completed within the next two years, extending the Neuse River Trail for 18 miles.

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Next in line is the “Buffalo Road” section.

The next Neuse River Trail section going south is referred to by planners as the “Buffalo Road” section.  This 5.8 mile trail will begin in Horseshoe Farm Park and cross the river to the south side of the Neuse. The trail then drops south along the river, crossing under Interstate 540 and connecting with the existing greenway at Skycrest Drive (right of way).  Completion is scheduled for spring of 2013.


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Also in the spring another 1.3 mile section will be completed.

Continuing south, another short 1.3 mile section will extend from Poole Road to Anderson Point Park.  There is a major bridge crossing Crabtree Creek, connecting to the existing trail in Anderson Point Park.  Completion is scheduled for Spring of 2013. 


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The “Riverbend” section closes the gap in the Spring 2014.

The 1.2 mile “Riverbend” section of the Neuse River Trail will extend from the existing Upper Neuse Trail at the WRAL soccer complex to the bridge east of Horseshoe Farm Park.  The greenway will enter the park from a pedestrian bridge on the west side of the park and exit the park on the east (downstream) side, with access to an extensive network of trails through the park.   Completion is scheduled for Spring of 2014.


The Walnut Creek Trail will be connected in two phases.

The existing Lower Walnut Creek Trail is a 4.2 mile section that extends from the Walnut Creek Wetland Center to Rosedale Road.  The extension of the Walnut Creek Trail to the Neuse River Trail will be completed in two phases.  Completion is scheduled for December 2013.

Phase 1 is a 2.9 miles section, which extends the trail from Rose Lane through Worthdale Park, crossing under Interstate 440 and ending at New Hope Road. See Map.

Phase 2 is a 1.6 mile section which extends the trail again from New Hope Road to the Neuse River Trail just south of Poole Road.  See Map.

And the Crabtree Creek Trail connection is planned for a year later.

The Crabtree Creek Trail will be extended 4.1 miles from New Bern Ave to the Neuse River Trail at Anderson Point Park. The extension will connect the existing trail at Milburnie Road, joining the Neuse River Trail at Anderson Point Park.  The completed Crabtree Creek Trail will extend across the city, connecting several areas and facilities including Shelley Lake, Sertoma Park, Lassiter Mill, and Kiwanis Park. Completion is scheduled for Spring of 2014.  See Map.

I’m grateful for the City Council’s stewardship of this precious resource that makes such a difference to Raleigh residents.  For those who enjoy walking, jogging or biking through trails without having to contend with vehicle traffic, these new greenways add immensely to the quality of life.  My wife and I met a couple on a trail a few weeks ago who told us that they bought their house, having seen it from the greenway.  They imagined what it would be like to be able to go out the door any time to walk their dogs and be in the woods.  Now they claim, they’re living the life of their dreams!

Be sure to check back on this blog periodically for updates on these future greenway connections.

DLA Supports A Destination Park At Dix

The Downtown Living Advocates support making the 306 acres of the former Dorothea Dix campus into a destination park.

A park at Dix would be a huge shot in the arm for urban fans in Raleigh as resulting development around the park, therefore adjacent to downtown, would be denser. This results in more walkable, bikable neighborhoods and more Raleighites thinking more on their feet than within their car.

             Quote from DLA member Leo Suarez.  

Downtown Raleigh skyline as seen from Dix Campus

Downtown Raleigh has little open space today as the historical design that included 5 green spaces has dwindled to just two small parks.

The Dix campus would make an excellent central park for Downtown Raleigh visitors and residents to enjoy, and a catalyst for attracting businesses and tourism revenue to our city.

The NC Council of State will decide the fate of the Dorothea Dix Campus.  The vote on whether to enter into a lease agreement with Raleigh for the property is scheduled tomorrow, Tuesday December 4.

Please join the DLA and contact Governor Perdue and our Council of State today and ask them to vote to lease Dix Park to Raleigh!

Read more about What A Destination Park on the Dix Campus Means for Downtown on the blog.


DLA Bike tour of the new House Creek Greenway


The House Creek grand opening was a few weeks ago and the DLA is organizing a bike tour of the new greenway.

When: Sunday, October 14 (starting at 10:30am)

Where: Meredith College

Meet at the entrance to the Reedy Creek Greenway, corner of Hillsborough and Faircloth StreetMap it.


Our last bike tour was organized around the opening of the Little Rock Greenway, so we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to do it again!

While only three miles long, the House Creek Trail provides a major linkage of two greenway systems, creating a continuous greenway that extends a total of 36 miles.  This map shows the location of the House Creek Trail Greenway and the connections to the other two existing greenways.

Two bike route options:

  • 8 mile route:  We’ll go at a leisurely pace, expecting to take about an hour.  The up and back route will start at Meredith College and travel the length of the House Creek Greenway.
  • 16 mile route: The 2 hour route will start at Meredith College, travel along the House Creek Greenway and onto the Crabtree Creek Greenway to Shelley Lake, and then return to Meredith College.

Everyone is welcome, so bring the whole family and invite your friends!  You can help us get the word out by posting this flyer.

Please RSVP here and let us know which route you would prefer to join.

We’ll plan to gather at Applebee’s on Hillsborough Street for lunch after the event.

See you there!

Festival In Motion: Annual Walnut Creek Greenway Celebration set for September 29th

The Walnut Creek Greenway offers so many beautiful spots along the water and through the woods, yet is unknown to much of Raleigh.  Living Downtown, we’re only five to ten minutes away.  So, the Festival was created to get folks out moving and discovering the natural treasures that are free to us all.

When: Saturday, September 29, 8am-4pm.

Where: Activities will be at four parks along the way.

  1. Walnut Creek Wetland Center
  2. Eliza Pool Park
  3. Lake Johnson Park
  4. Ralph Campbell Center

We see the Festival growing in years to come to stretch all the way from Lake Johnson to the Neuse River.  New this year, the Urban Wetland 5K and Kids 100-Yard Dash will introduce the Greenway to a whole new group of fun-seekers.

The nature scavenger hunt at the Walnut Creek Wetland Center, the bike decorating contest at Eliza Pool Park and bike parade down the Greenway are also new this year.  Live music, food trucks, fitness challenges and prizes add to the mix.

Learn more about the event.

Share the flyer with your family and friends.

Become a volunteer.

Rediscover your inner child: Sign up for Kickball on Tuesday nights

Kickball. Yes, kickball!  That tantalizing grade school game with the red rubber ball.  If you think it was fun then, it’s even better as an adult!  Join WAKA today and rediscover your inner child on the kickball field.  

Kickball is the ultimate social sport and a great way for individuals to meet new people and companies to team build.  Individuals and groups of up to 25 can register for the Fall Season now at

Games are played on Tuesday nights at Oakwood Park at 6:45pm or 7:45pm starting September 25. 

The Tuesday night (NC Storm) league is the perfect match for new or inexperienced players to stretch their kickball muscles, and veteran players to compete in a relaxed and socially oriented league.  NC Storm is all about having a good time.

By registering you’ll get 9 regular season games and up to 5 tournament games, plus the opportunity to qualify for Founders Cup, the annual national tournament in LAS VEGAS!  You’ll get discounts at local businesses, a WAKA team t-shirt, and most importantly, the opportunity to meet and socialize with hundreds of local area adults at our weekly socials at the league bar with Trivia.  Plus, mid and end of season parties (free food and beer) to support our charity.

Visit for more information and register for the Fall Season or contact the league representative Bryan at

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