The Downtown Living Advocates support making the 306 acres of the former Dorothea Dix campus into a destination park.

A park at Dix would be a huge shot in the arm for urban fans in Raleigh as resulting development around the park, therefore adjacent to downtown, would be denser. This results in more walkable, bikable neighborhoods and more Raleighites thinking more on their feet than within their car.

             Quote from DLA member Leo Suarez.  

Downtown Raleigh skyline as seen from Dix Campus

Downtown Raleigh has little open space today as the historical design that included 5 green spaces has dwindled to just two small parks.

The Dix campus would make an excellent central park for Downtown Raleigh visitors and residents to enjoy, and a catalyst for attracting businesses and tourism revenue to our city.

The NC Council of State will decide the fate of the Dorothea Dix Campus.  The vote on whether to enter into a lease agreement with Raleigh for the property is scheduled tomorrow, Tuesday December 4.

Please join the DLA and contact Governor Perdue and our Council of State today and ask them to vote to lease Dix Park to Raleigh!

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