Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative invites you: Glenwood Faire Sunday, April 17 from 1-5:00 PM at Babylon Restaurant (309 N. Dawson St) Tickets can be purchased ahead for $10 at $15 at door (covers small plates from each of 10 participating restaurants, plus a drink. $3 for each additional fare.)By Donna Belt


      What do you think of, hearing the word


      ? There’s a hint of carefully prepared food. There’s a throw back to families gathering to enjoy each other’s company when the carnival came to town. For Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative, Glenwood Faire lends a touch of both of those things. With its board equal parts business owners and residents, (with support from the

Downtown Raleigh Alliance

      and Downtown Living Advocates), each brings unique gifts and agendas to the mix. So Glenwood Faire is most of all a reflection of intentional community building. It’s looking together at the aspects that create bonds between neighbors and the setting where they live, and offering the opportunity for everyone to participate in their own way.


      Meeting quarterly, Glenwood Faire will convene in different locations each time. But here’s what you can always expect from participating businesses.

      • Glenwood South restaurants will offer small plates and drinks that celebrate the season at a cost that is attractive for neighbors.
      • Ticket holders will vote for their favorite small plate or drink.
      • Local music, art and vendors are welcome at each party.


      Now here’s what you, as a resident (and/or business owner) can bring to this celebration of community: it’s sharing the qualities that add value and color to your lives by joining others in small, ongoing groups with similar interests. So far, there are nine interest groups offering sign up sheets on the 17th that will allow participants to choose how often and when they prefer to meet. These include opportunities to join in:

      • Duncan-Parnell’s Habitat Project, seeking volunteers from April through June to build a safe and affordable home for a local, low income family.
      • Glenwood Gatherings, a group of neighbors gathering together in community spaces for conversation and drink.
      • Theme Nights for game lovers and those seeking to meet new friends for fun evenings with a new twist.
      • Saint Saviour’s Center, offering volunteer opportunities with Diaper Train, Meals on Wheels, Wake Relief, Community Music School and Healthy Living for Seniors.
      • Free Library, establishing small libraries in Glenwood South community spaces where residents can both donate and borrow books.
      • Music Resource group, connecting local music groups with businesses and event planners seeking entertainment.
      • Hillyer Memorial Church, Glenwood South’s neighborhood church for 100 years, offering informal and traditional services each Sunday morning, as well as interest groups for families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds.
      • Wine Club
      • Biking
      • Your interest [HERE]: walking? fitness? dancing? public art? pet play dates?

Glenwood South Poetry Board, 300 Glenwood Ave


    Franklin P. Jones quips, “Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor’s noisy party than being there.” Beside enjoying the benefits of good food and the company of friends with similar interests, the final ingredient in community building is tolerance. GSNC has continued to work with the local police to perfect communication between residents and businesses in the Glenwood South Hospitality District, but there’s nothing like being on a first name basis. These regular opportunities to join each other at quarterly parties are sure to promote the kind of relationships that make this neighborhood a unique model for downtown life. So come join your neighbors on the 17th, and bring your friends! Be a part of the volunteerism, enjoy the food and drink, and get to know your residential and business neighbors. Your presence adds to the fulfillment of our shared intention for making Glenwood South the vibrant, creative, responsive neighborhood it can be.