New street grid promises to revive Glenwood South’s “dead zone”


New Glenwood South exits off Capital Blvd

Sitting between Glenwood South and the Capital District lies the “dead zone”, where with the exception of the West condos, sits a four block area that has so far not been touched by the downtown revitalization going on all around it.

All this could change thanks to the replacement of the Capital Blvd bridge over Peace Street, which luckily gives the City a great opportunity to rebuild and reconnect the street grid in a way that is expected to spur new mixed use redevelopment.

Check out this recent WRAL TV segment.



Other DLA posts about the bridge replacement and ramp design known as the “square loop”.


  1. Allan Lynch

    Total game-changer for the area. Should also connect the dots between Mordecai, Glenwood South and the Capital District.

  2. John Labus

    Are these roads beyond the square loop actually going to happen or are they our latest push? If it’s the later, count me in on the pushing!

  3. Raleigh DLA

    The West Johnson and North Street extensions / connections were presented to the City Council several weeks ago, where the Council agreed to move the process forward beginning with a public haring on September 2nd. I would say the chances of this happening are very good!