Business is good and it’s getting even better.

You may be one of the thousands of visitors to Raleigh who drop in for downtown events or an occasional trip to the Farmers Market.  Each time you come, you notice new businesses, restaurants and shops.  Residents have been streaming to downtown, counting on just this shift as more and more people invest in downtown Raleigh’s vital, urban lifestyle.  The DRA has gathered these statistics that verify just what we’re seeing in each of our downtown districts.

Where we are today: 166 restaurants, cafes, and bars within the BID*. 

There’s been a net gain of over 150 new street-level businesses added within the BID* in the last 5 years.

  • 2014 expected to reach highest ever net street-level additions
  • Office occupancy at a new high of 92.6%, best in the city

More and more residents 

Where we are today: 15,000 residents live within a one mile radius of downtown. 

3,000 more residents will soon be living within the BID*, based on units under construction or planned.  This represents a 20% increase.

  • 8 residential projects under construction, adding another 1,109 units or approximately 2,000 more residents
  • Another 1,000 residents will be added, counting the planned projects

Nearly $700 million being invested

  • $375 million under construction, 2.2 million square feet
  • $314 million planned, 1.6 million square feet


Want to know more? Read the DRA’s full 2nd quarter report

* The Business Improvement District also commonly referred to as the Central Business District, encompasses the five downtown districts of Glenwood South, Capital District, Warehouse District, Moore Square and Fayetteville Street.