Greenway Connection to Umstead Park moves forward: FINALLY!

Greenways users don’t like having to stop and turnaround when the greenway suddenly stops, and if you’ve traveled to the north end of Crabtree Creek Greenway it’s particularly annoying.  Here, the creek continues into a forested area, but the greenway comes to an abrupt end.  You would be even more discouraged, if you knew that at this point, the creek goes into Umstead Park, just 1.3 miles ahead.

As the City adds more miles of greenways, connections between greenways become increasingly important, and this connection to Umstead Park has been on the radar for a long time.  I first wrote about this connection over three years ago, including the decades long hold up with getting easements through Hanson’s Quarry.

FINALLY some good news!

The City is reporting that the easements have now been acquired for connecting between Crabtree Creek Trail and Umstead.  No timetable has been provided, but we can assume the City will move quickly as this has been considered “the last piece in the Greenway System yet to be secured”.


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  1. Raleigh DLA

    The N&O just ran an article about this greenway connections.