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Glenwood South’s Northeast Corner – Frontier of Possibility

The title of this article matches one published in this blog six years ago addressing the future of Glenwood South’s northeast corner.  A few years later (November 20, 2013) we discussed the plans for the Capital Blvd bridge replacement, and the next year (July 26, 2014) the associated reconfigured street grid.

The rich potential for this area has recently taken on momentum as developers have been acquiring land and are showing signs of being ready to make their move.  Local bloggers and the news media alike are taking notice:

Glenwood South residents are pGS-Northeast Corner copyarticularly excited to see how this northeast corner of their neighborhood (map below) – long considered a “dead zone”, is now being talked about as the “ideal” spot for downtown Raleigh’s first grocery store.


Shervin Tahssili: the New Face of Helios

By Donna Belt

Sometimes my husband and I look out from the porch of our fourth floor condo at 510 Glenwood and muse over how the neighborhood appears to be a stage set, with additional buildings entering the scene with regularity.  Each addition inevitably transforms the neighborhood as new residents arrive with fresh ideas, but this is doubly true of business owners who back their visions with investment in restaurants, shopping and services that largely shape how we define ourselves on the street.


Shervin Tahssili

Ideally, there is a respect and incorporation of the history of what has gone before, while bringing an innovative twist.  Shervin Tahssili, the new owner of Helios that reopened early on the icy morning of Monday, January 25, describes this as a RESET.  Having lived in Raleigh since 1993, he had long admired Steve Schuster’s 2002 trendy redesign of the Helios building that was ahead of its time as one of the first privately owned coffee shops in downtown Raleigh.

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Sidewalk Seating Ordinance Survey Results

222_sidewalk During the month of October, the DLA conducted a survey that tried to get an idea of how things are going with the new sidewalk seating ordinance. DLA members were asked a few questions about how the levels of noise have changed recently and how they felt about the new ordinance. The trial period for these new outdoor seating rules is almost over and we wanted to get the results over to the Raleigh City Council for consideration. Here are some key takeaways:

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Meet City Councilor At-Large Candidate, Matt Tomasulo


The City of Raleigh will hold elections for Mayor and City Council on October 6th.

Matt Tomasulo is a candidate for one of the two at-large City Council seats currently held by incumbents Mary Ann Baldwin and Russ Stephenson.

The DLA asked Matt a series of questions.

Here are his answers:

What factors need to be balanced in providing for downtown Raleigh’s growth as a vital, sustainable, creative environment for both residents and businesses?

Raleigh is a great place to live, to work, to play – but we can’t stand on the sidelines – we need to continue to challenge ourselves and keep moving Raleigh forward.  I believe we can only do that with a city government that truly listens to its citizens.  From speaking with residents, too many people feel disconnected from our city today – but they don’t have to be.  For the past 5 years I’ve been traveling around the country, building a nationwide movement called Walk [Your City] that connects people to their communities, street by street and block by block.  I learned that improving a city doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – you just have to listen, to learn, to adapt. You just need the courage to take risks and approach challenges creatively. Continue reading

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